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Boxer Fun And Poems Page
For The Less Serious Minded

In the Beginning was the Word and the Word was.....
Boxers are Best

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Twas really raining feathers
And it really wasn't the weather
As the cleaning lady pointed out

I looked straight to the washing line
My 'Doona', there was no sign
But there in the middle of the Yard
In the midst of Feathers on guard
Was a Grinning Red Boxer all tarred

My neighbour came round all angry and grewl
There's an inch of feathers in my swinnimg pool
A gale force wind had been blowing that day
That the Red Boxer decided my 'Doona' was his prey

The Street and the Gardens
As I met my neighbours, with a " I do beg your pardons"
Looked like a chuck shed gone mad
The Red Boxer, he looked, please have a heart!!
Did I weaken, NO!! His BUM Was about to be SMART!!

Poem Based On A True Story
Written By June Kelly - 1991

For Those Who Knew Him The Red Boxer Was 'Merlin'
Aus Ch Whitechapel Wizard Of Oz

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Poem Dedicated to The Sydney Royal Easter Show
New South Wales

Theres nothing like THE ROYAL
To those who are really loyal
You set out for the day with house and home
When waiting to get in, you grissle and groan

You fight to get your way in
You hope its worth "the win"
But when you all tidy and set
The dogs are all groomed and then start to fret!!

Then out proudly to the arena you march
Your dog by your side, all ready to ??
The flags are out flying, the crowd is all set
Your emotions are charged, your ready to ??

The Judge makes his choice of Challenge Line Up
The fever it reaches, it makes you so hot
But when, the Judge holds out the Sash
Then OH BOY!! Its just worth the CASH!!

For Those Of Us Who've Been There, Done That
Written By June Kelly - 1991

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Are Considered To Have And Be
B rains, O utgoing, X troverts, E quable Temperaments,
R esourceful Companions, S tyle combined with substance,

Hope This Page Has Made You Smile

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